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Anonymous asked: Hi! This is just a reminder that you are wonderful, thank you for being so amazing. Have a great day :)


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For Skyler Press ♥

Thank you so much for taking part in my auction for The Tyler Hoechlin Birthday Charity Project. In fact, my thanks go to all of you - to everyone who contributed and to the organizers. It’s wonderful how our fandom can come together to make great things possible.

Thank you for the prompt too - it was sweet and sexy and I hope I could make you proud.

There’s a small surprise for you too - a friend of mine wrote something to go with this piece and I really hope you’ll like it as much as I did ;)

● Sun in Your Heart (nc-17) by scribblemoose

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No but

Little werewolf kids having a designated hour of Gentle Play where they’re allowed to handle rabbits and kittens and gerbils to teach them about control and patience and respect for other life

Little werewolf kids sniffing and staring wide-eyed at the tiny creatures and asking about the hum of their heartbeats and what do they eat and are they scared of werewolves???

Little werewolf kids solemnly chanting the mantra: ‘A Friend Is A Friend, No Matter How Small, Fangs Or Fur, The Forest Is Home To All!’ at the start of each hour

One little werewolf kid getting scratched by a ten-week-old tabby and dropping his fangs on reflex before bursting into tears

Little werewolf kids with baby animals *_*

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femmilkovich asked: essay the shit of that gifset please


I’ve now gotten five asks about this and I only got myself to blame

(I’m referring to this gifset and will only borrow the gifs)

This gifset doesn’t even include Stiles’ reaction when first seeing Derek going down (he stumbles out of the van and looks just as worried as Peter, whom actually does seem concerned about his nephew, who would’ve known) but this part is the most important one.


Because this is Derek telling his uncle to go ahead, to leave him, because neither of them is stupid enough to believe he’ll actually catch up.


And everyone lingers, Liam and Malia looking like they don’t know what to do, Peter hesitating, Stiles just not taking his eyes off Derek.



And Peter leaves.

Malia leaves.

Liam leaves.

And Stiles just doesn’t.


And Derek calls for his attention with the soft “hey… hey” like he’s not even surprised that Stiles is still there, that he has to tell him separately that it’s okay to leave him, that it’s okay to prioritize Scott, that he has to reassure him that it’s okay Stiles.


Then he leaves…glancing back…


But doesn’t get very far before he stops again, turning back.

Because he knows Derek’s name was the third key to the deadpool, that a Banshee predicted his death, and he knows this might be the last time he’ll ever see Derek alive.

Yeah. So. Can I cry now?

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